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Sunday, July 28, 2019
By Amy Estes Terrell
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I remember those few days before our baby arrived. The anxious feeling of what was to come, the excitement of seeing my sweet baby's face, the joy that would soon be on my husband's face, and the calmness I felt that God placed on my heart, knowing that he would take care of us. 

These last fews days before baby are magical. What would she look like? Will she have lots of hair? What color would it be? I kept thinking and dreaming of what that moment would be like when I saw her, what it would be like when my family saw her. As excited and anxious as I was to finally see her, I remember there being so much peace at this time, right before she came. Those last few days of carrying her inside my belly were amazing. Embrace these days, don't rush them. Etch these memories in your mind forever. Remember what it felt like to have your sweet baby move inside, and what it felt like to watch your husbands excitement as he felt her kick for the first time. 

Soon she will be here mama, and all of this will be a wonderful memory to hold onto forever. 

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